Calvin Klein Fashion Week Live

A social media strategy that covered all platforms and featured a Facebook live stream of Calvin Klein’s Fall runway show from New York Fashion Week.

Iconic apparel brand Calvin Klein sought a long-term strategy to create a strong social media presence and kick start brand awareness online. While at Deep Focus, I spearheaded a social media brand relaunch on all the relavant social platforms (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube), and with my team executed the first effort – Fashion Week Live – a live streaming site to debut the Women’s and Men’s Collection runway shows direct from New York Fashion Week.

A large component of the strategy was the relaunch of the Calvin Klein Facebook page that needed aggregate all global product lines. To highlight the new Facebook page, Fashion Week Live appeared there to foster discussion where it was happening, and to inspire more. Fashion Week Live was not just a live broadcast from the runway, it also featured Behind the Scenes video and photos as they happened, and live user chat to make the happening an event.

To make all that content happen I orchestrated an on-site team to collect pics, video and tweets, then edit and repost to Fashion Week Live as well as out through all the Calvin Klein branded social channels, creating a real-time Calvin Klein Fashion Week news room.