Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub

A two-time Webby award winning call-to-action for Flight of the Conchords fans to show their excitement, creativity and love for the show.

To prepare fans for the second season of HBO’s hit comedy Flight of the Conchords, I lead my team at Deep Focus in the creation of a UGC campaign for fans to “lip dub” one of the band’s most popular songs, and upload it to YouTube in the hopes of appearing in the final megamix of the best contributions – the “LipDub Fansterpiece.”


The Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub Fansterpiece site kicked off with an intro video from the show’s Mel (Kristen Schaal), and featured the most popular and creative videos. Fans went crazy lip dubbing on snow covered roofs, making their pets perform, and even riding on top of speeding trucks across the Brooklyn Bridge. Comedians Andy Dick, Chris Kattan, The College Humor guys, and the stars of My Damn Channel all submitted videos.

Flight Lip Dub won two Webby awards, one for Best Television Site and the People’s Voice Award for Best Television Site. Apparently I gave an “exuberant” 5 word speech at the Webbys ceremony. Check out the video below, I’m between Biz Stone and Arianna Huffington.