The Muppets Fan-A-Thon

A telethon-style social media campaign on Facebook to relaunch the beloved film franchise.

As The Muppets release date approached, my digital team at BLT Communications and Disney crafted a one-stop shop for fans to show their anticipation for the hotly anticipated brand reboot. Fans were greeted by custom Muppet intro videos that asked fans to donate a “bazillion” Facebook likes, and once the goal was reached, they would be given access to a series of nationwide sneak preview screenings.


A ton of Muppets content – trailers, clips, images and individual Muppet character pages on Facebook were all like-able via a carousel that made it easy to like a large amount of content in a short time.

While the “bazillion” number was whimsy, the telethon-like counter was real – pulling in real data from the Fan-A-Thon carousel, YouTube videos, image links, character Facebook pages and Muppets wall posts.

The long-lead campaign began months before the release date, and transformed to accommodate the home video release window as well.

“The campaign for The Muppets is one of the most socially savvy we have seen from any studio for a major release window.” – Mashable

Miss Piggy’s Fan-A-Thon Video