The Prisoner Comic-Con Event

A trans-media event that spread from a multimedia installation, to the web, to the skies above San Diego Comic Con.

To seed awareness for their mini-series The Prisoner – based on the Sci-Fi classic, AMC sought to make a splash at Comic-Con.

It was a full year before the series premiere, with no available content. I directed the creation of a trans-media stunt that combined a microsite, an installation on the Comic-Con floor and skywriting above the thousands of attendees, to lead participants on a path that would ultimately announce the coming of The Prisoner in a mysterious and challenging way.

The Comic-Con booth was a mysterious bunker with video screens showing cryptic footage of New York City, as Numbered Men in suits passed out our clear plastic “puzzle cards”. When these cards were placed together correctly, a hidden message appeared, driving to a microsite. The Seek the Six site was a puzzle that when completed, dramatically animated to reveal The Prisoner star Ian McKellan.

In the sky above the convention attendees, “Seek the Six” was spelled out to inspire the hundreds of thousands of Comic-Con attendees to ask – what is Seek the Six?