Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling Magazine featured my web series Sweet Ride USA – and I got to write the article!

Last year, right after we launched the trailer for Sweet Ride USA, my web series about riding bikes and eating desserts, I got a Twitter DM from non other than Bicycling Magazine’s editor-at-large, Bill Strickland asking if Sweet Ride USA would like to be in Bicycling Magazine!

I replied something to the effect of HOLY CRAP YES, and after a few months, we did it. Photographer Mathew Scott shadowed us while we shot SRUSA Episode 3 on a blistering hot fall day in LA. Bicycling Mag asked if I’d write the copy to accompany the photos, and it ended up being a full eight-page spread. Totally blew us away. I actually got to write an article I have a physical subscription to – full-on bucket list material, there.

The people at Bicycling truly couldn’t have been more amazing, and they really honored us with the attention.

Check out a PDF scan of the article here

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