Glow: Season 1

Integrated Campaign
bpg Advertising | Netflix

To launch the first season on Netflix, bpg advertising created an integrated 360 campaign including Print, OOH, AV, DOOH, and social. I acted as Managing Creative Director between disciplines.

bpg Case Study

Glow big or go home.

AV & Digital out-of-home

Over a two day talent shoot with the cast on the Glow set, we captured a ton of amazing assets that would become the date announce/AV motion pieces, a huge key art/OOH/DOOH rollout, and a massive launch on social. The cast and showrunners couldn’t have been more fun and cooperative, enduring tons of setups and stunts.

“Glitter Girls” motion poster of bpg’s key art

Date Announce piece

“Ringside” AV piece

Social Campaign

We went hard on social using original assets from our marketing shoot, including Alison Brie doing stunts and Marc Maron improving as his character Sam Silvia on set.

“Rope Jump” Facebook disruptive

Welfare and Melrose Instagram

Interactive Instagram stories

Welfare Queen disruptive

Marc Maron improv for Instagram

“Neon Moves” story sequence

Getting the fans involved

We set up a phone line for fans to describe their wrestling personas, and we turned around neon Glow versions for them to share on social.